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Andalusia is the second European region in terms of agricultural production, with more than 300,000 farmers and 5,400 agro-industries and where irrigation is key to develop the agriculture. The Andalusian agrifood sector is diverse, technological and dynamic.

Andalusian Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub is the largest European regional public-private ecosystem to accelerate, accompany and channel digital innovation in the agrifood sector. This hub involves more than 140 members that are included in the quadruple helix model of innovation: Government, competence centres, agrifood and TIC sector and civil society.

It is an one-stop shop and a platform that enable the effective collaboration amongst the actors of the hub. Also Agrotech offers a catalogue of services geared to the needs of the sector: training, co-creation, pilot projects, open data, financing strategies and observatory.

Our DIH is establishing strategic alliances with other European centers to create shared value, as example Andalucía Agrotech DIH participates in the SmarAgriHubs Project within the Regional Cluster Iberia.



Judit Anda Ugarte

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