the contest

The SmartAgriHubs community has recently celebrated a year of activity and what best way to celebrate this milestone than to showcase the diversity and work of its community. Prepared for the Bucharest event the SAH videos are now online in this special edition of the newsletter, and we are excited to present you what our partners have created.

This is how it works

The SmartAgriHubs community welcomes you to join its first video competition with a total of 14 videos. The videos are from our Flagship Innovation Experiments and Digital Innovation Hubs.

Flagship Innovation Experiments videos feature a presentation of their innovations and their impacts, as well as a presentation of their role within the SmartAgriHubs network. They explain how the SmartAgriHubs project helped them achieve their ambitions.

Digital Innovation Hubs videos feature a presentation of the service that they bring, explain their role within the SmartAgriHubs network and, and their connection with a Flagship Innovation Experiment if any.

Every video is presented on a separate page - there you can discover the details of their work, the organisation behind them and of course you can enjoy watching the video as many times as you want. In this video competition you can vote for two categories: most original video and your favourite one. The winners will be announced on Monday 15th of June and the ceremony award will take place at the next SmartAgriHubs annual event.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to make and submit an entry into the SAH video competition!

SmartAgriHubs Communication Team

The rules


The online voting is open from the 8th of June to the 12th of June

You can vote for the following categories: Most Original video and Favourite video



Every user can cast two votes

You can vote by clicking the Vote button on video page in this special edition of the Newsletter



You can share the video with friends and family on social media to get as many votes as possible