13 teams


3 teams and 1 honorary prize

North-East Europe


24H hacking


The primary objective of the RO Agri-Food Hacking - HAR 2020 is to generate immediate solutions that will RESPOND to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and use potential opportunities to fight against the pandemic for the agri-food system. The second goal is to mobilize practical innovative digital solutions that tackle current deficient barriers of the Romanian agri-food environment using technology and software. In the end, 12 innovative solutions were developed. 

List of ideas that was worked on 

  • 1.Digital tools for innovative capitalization of quality agri-food products (short supply chain, quality schemes as in Reg. CE 1305/2013 art. 16 (1).
  • 2. Ensuring blockchain in securing information related to the traceability of quality agri-food products.

  • 3.Digital solutions to combat “unfair” practices regarding the dual quality of agri-food products; increase the degree of transparency of data and consumer confidence in products.
  • 4. Digital innovative tools for the use of IoT and satellite images with the aim of reducing the administrative costs of the process of assessing agricultural production, of damage caused to farmers because of natural disasters.

    5.Digital solutions for civil dialog management in the agri-food sector.


Top 3

First three teams each received a cash prize consisting of 1000 €, designed to implement the winning solutions, as well as mentorship over the next 6 months for the development and implementation of the winning project. The 4th team received an honorary award: 5 tablets which, through the generosity of the Click Click Hack team, reached on the students from Cahul (Rep. of Moldova) who are studying at the Cross-Border Faculty of the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galaţi, in order to support the learning process.


Organized by APAR

RO AgriFood Hacking – HAR 2020

Team - AngusTerra (eg AgriTerra)

A demonstration of satellite imagery by AgriTerra

The big winner, AngusTerra, proposed an intelligent solution to manage in extensive way grassland and bulls, based on IoT technologies and the use of satellite imagery. Smart pasture management platform helps farmers who need workable solutions for the efficiency and strength of businesses, given their difficulty to manage large grasslands efficiently, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. They were awarded a cash prize of 1000€ as well as 6 months of mentorship, to help implement their solution.

Team - Transilvania2020 

The second winning solution was proposed by the Transylvania 2020 team and refers to the use of Artificial Intelligence (IA) to reduce the number of substances to combat diseases and pests, the consumption of fossil fuels and the transparency of the use of treatments and fertilizers used on the farm. The proposed solution helps to reduce pollution, water consumption, and increase the quality of agri-food products. They were awarded a cash prize of 1000€ as well as 6 months of mentorship, to help implement their solution.

Team - AgroControl

AgroControl presenting their solution during the online event.

The 3rd place in the ranking was the Agro Control team, which presented 2 solutions: A smart agriculture module that will allow the farmer to automate through sensors the flow of information from agriculture (temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity, water content, oxygen level, volume of water in the soil). The second proposal presented by the team is an automatic pest detection system that supplies real-time information on the occurrence of pests on different crops. They were awarded a cash prize of 1000€ as well as 6 months of mentorship, to help implement their solution.

Team (honorary) - Click Clack Hack

Presentation of the Click Clack Hack team

Although it was not present on the podium, the Click Click Hack team received a special award from mentors — the Mentors Award HAR2020. Maricica Stoica, Liliana Mihalcea, Dimitrie Stoica and Olga Grecu proposed a solution (HARWa) to intelligently capitalise on by-products and fish waste resulting from the industrialisation of fish, which reduces the environmental footprint by cutting the pollutants formed during the classical waste combustion. Given that this team was honorary awarded by mentors, APAR decided to offer 5 tablets, which, through the generosity of the Click Click Hack team, will reach the students from Cahul (Republic of Moldova) who are studying at the Cross-Border Faculty of the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galaţi, to support their learning.