with IoF2020


Lars Berger


UC 3.5 | Smart Orchard Spray application

What was the main lesson you took home from the Synergy Day?

“Lots of IoF2020 is developed by techies. To reach the market, very close collaboration with farmers is needed. It’s essential to get your boots dirty, to show up on the field and see how daily problems occur and are currently handled. Technical solutions have to be super simple to use and have to deliver significant return on investment to farmers if we want to have a chance that they find widespread adoption.“

Mindaugas Kelpša 


UC 1.9 | WFMZ Baltics application

In what way was the Synergy Day useful for you?

"The Synergy Day was excellent to introduce us to many colleagues from all over Europe, all working on exciting projects. We found many similarities and points of potential cooperation with several FIEs, both in the areas of experience sharing, technology cross-integration and in pursuing mutually complimentary business models. Furthermore, the event inspired us to search for opportunities to bring the already available experience of FIEs to our local market."

Jarissa Maselyne  


UC 5.1 | Pig farm management

Did you recognise any similarities between yourself and SmartAgriHubs Flagship Innovation Experiments(FIEs)?

“We saw a lot of similarities between the FIEs of SmartAgriHubs and the IOF2020 Use Cases! For example, during the meat trial sectoral session that was set up as a speed dating session. Here we explained that we are working on several ways to automatically measure pig weights, to detect disease in the pig barn and to turn data into useful information. Our solution led to lively discussions and people wanted to continue the conversation and meet up afterwards! We definitely want to explore this synergy further, to get to know each other, the similarities and differences.”

Vincent Dufau 


FIE 6| AgriFarmLab

What was the programme of the shared regional sessions with IoF2020 in the morning?

"During the French Regional Cluster session at the synergy day, we shared our current projects: The Use Cases of IoF2020 and the Flagship Innovation Experiments of SmartAgriHubs. This has been a real opportunity to expand our professional network and consider potential synergies. The main positive result of this meet-up was the decision to bring together the French ecosystem of SmartAgriHubs and that of IoF2020 at the les Culturales event, which takes place on the 6th of June. It is a great opportunity for the leaders of the French cluster, ACTA and Région Pays de la Loire, to bring forward the SmartAgriHubs project on French territory."

Rafael Ferrer Martínez 


FIE 22| Online Irrigation Portal

Did you recognise any similarities between yourself and IoF2020 Use Cases?

“We discovered huge similarities with IoF2020 Use Cases! Several partners from IoF2020 are working with the same type of sensors, measuring the same soil, plant and air parameters. In particular Use Case 3.3, that uses these sensors combined with weather forecasting to calculate the optimal timing and volume of irrigation. This is very similar to what we do in our Online Irrigation Portal FIE. Our agronomic algorithms are very similar. We learned from them that it is necessary to adapt the methodology and the models to the specific crop structure and conditions of each potential customer.”

Michael Koutsiaras 


FIE 26 | Digitising Open-Field Vegetables

Did you have a surprising encounter with someone from IoF2020 on the Synergy Day?

"We were pleasantly surprised by two specific IoF2020 Use Cases. One in olive tree cultivation that uses IoT applications and precision farming tools, and one Use Case that deals with the integrity and traceability of food products. We had a wonderful experience and discussed about the project, its outcomes and perspectives. Synergies between IoF2020 and SmartAgriHubs are essential to move beyond the project borders and deliver useful outcomes, that was our main lesson."

As the name suggests, the Synergy Day was all about establishing synergies with the Internet of Food and Farm 2020 (IoF2020) project. Like SmartAgriHubs, IoF2020 is an EU-funded project under the Horizon2020 instrument and aims to facilitate the uptake of IoT technologies in the agri-food sector. Considering that the goal of SmartAgriHubs is to increase the current impact of digitization in the agri-food sector, there were clear incentives to collaborate. Add the fact that IoF2020 was having its annual conference in the same venue to the mix, and the mutual advantage of organizing a common day became very obvious. Therefore, over the course of the day stakeholders including Flagship Innovation Experiments and Use Cases from both projects joined to engage in workshops, attend a field-visit, blend in sectoral -and region – specific sessions, and exchanged common problems and solutions.

Let’s hear their thoughts on the Synergy Day!