the SmartAgriHubs Kick-off event in Prague

Spanning three full days, the SmartAgriHubs Kick-off conference which took place in Prague, the Czech Republic, was a tremendous success. It was an honour to welcome over 300 attendees representing the whole agri-food value chain and the digital sector to the first official gathering of the SmartAgriHubs family within the premises of the Prague Congress Centre. 

Attendants participated in a broad spectrum of activities: they contributed to hands-on workshops, attended a dairy farm which deploys IoT solutions, networked in the exhibition area, and shared common experiences and problems in intimate sessions. Sessions also included guided ‘SmartAgriHubs’ and ‘Digital Innovation Hubs’ tours which introduced important pillars of the project to the stakeholders. Additionally, attendants experienced a number of high-level keynote speeches by an IoT expert, European Commission officials, as well as from our own Project Coordinator and some of our Work Package leaders. The audience was also treated to the launch of the official website, which was welcomed vigorously. The final day was all about creating synergies with the IoF2020 project such as exchanging ideas, and common problems. Over the course of these days, participants could gather in-depth knowledge of SmartAgriHubs and set their sights on the future developments in the project.  

Together with all our stakeholders we were able to make this first SmartAgriHubs gathering a resounding success. Thanks to the energy and passion displayed by the speakers, workshop facilitators and attendees for our common goal, we can say that this was an inspiring kick-off event.  

The SmartAgriHubs Kick-off conference in Prague,

the Czech Republic,

was a tremendous success.

Florian Herzog 

RC Central Europe introduction

"For us these three days in Prague have meant a great bunch of inspiration for our daily work in innovating agri-food sector. Combination of interesting presentations, intensive workshop discussions and meeting new exciting people have made the SAH kick-off event to an important starting point for our work within SAH ecosystem."

central europe

Anne-Claire Branellec 

RC France introduction


"The kick-off event in Prague was a very rewarding experience due to the diversity of people we have met and to the projects presented. It is very exciting to be involved in this project with very high level partners."

Luis Mira

RC Iberia introduction


"The kick-off event of the SmartAgriHubs project in Prague was inspiring! I had the feeling that SmartAgriHubs can really make a difference in transforming agriculture in adopting digital technologies."

Daniele Sangiorgi

RC Italy & Malta introduction

Italy & Malta

"The kick-off event in Prague has been an engaging way to start-up the project, in an interactive and informal ambience, highlighting that each transformation is made first and foremost of people."

Inga Berzina

RC North East Europe introduction

north-east europe

"The kick-off event in Prague was a quite encouraging and motivating event due to the interesting program, interactive sessions and informative booths from the regional clusters. It was a great place where we could meet many colleagues and expand our network of contacts with new, interesting people. It feels great to be part of this team!"

Hubert Gerhardy

RC NWE introduction

north-west europe

"Inspired by the huge amount of experts and different projects at the kick-off meeting in Prague, we are delighted to be part of a digitalised future of the European’s agri and food sector."

Nicolai Fog Hansen

RC Scandinavia introduction


"The Kick-off event was my first physical meeting with the entire SAH project. It is fascinating and exiting to be a part of a project of that size."

viorel d. marin

RC South East Europe introduction

south-east europe

"The kick-off event was an exciting and fruitful experience. We are more than happy to participate in a project with such prospect for our region and for Europe."

Hazel Williams 

RC UK & Ireland introduction

uk & ireland

"The Smart Agri Hubs kick off meeting in Prague, highlighted the enthusiasm for knowledge sharing within this big network.

The event brought together 164 partners and provided a diverse range of speakers which was brilliant to see."

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