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Smart Pig Health

What does this have to do with digitisation you might ask? Let us explain: there is an increasing demand for the reduced use of antibiotics, for improved animal welfare and for transparency on the conditions in which our food is being produced. We provide a solution by observing pigs.

North-west europe

Vineyard mower robot

All members in this team love good wine. Maybe that’s why we work together in this FIE where we develop an autonomous mower for vineyards. Such a robot mower is a necessary solution because chopping and mulching between vine rows is an important task, but also a repetitive and monotonous one prone to mistakes.

central europe

autonomous greenhouses

If greenhouse growers water young plants a little too much, they might develop fungal diseases. The cultivation of exotic vegetables, fruits and flowers in greenhouses is a very delicate task and growers sometimes lack sufficient knowledge to execute this task effectively. 

North-east Europe


Imagine being a fish farmer in Italy on the Adriatic coast. After a day of hard work, you can finally visit the café and share tales with your friends when suddenly your smartphone buzzes – an app notifies you that the quality of water in your fish farm has drastically deteriorated...

italy & Malta

grain value chain

How can we trust that the cereals we buy were produced in a sustainable manner? Both consumers and farmers struggle with this question. Consumers ask for increased transparency, whilst farmers desire fair prices to increase their profitability. Furthermore, farmers struggle with low profitability of such...