SmartAgriHubs – more dots connected!

At the end of November, the SmartAgriHubs project finished, and now we can look back on four years during which we developed the DIH concept into an operational network supported and facilitated by an information-rich Innovation Portal.

Does the end of the project mean that we stop and return to our regular business? No way, absolutely not! We are heading back to our normal business of digital innovation, but now with the added value of knowing the network partners and the collected knowledge and experiences. SmartAgriHubs is now an integrated asset to support our work. SAH mobilised and connected all over Europe (and beyond) professionals from the private sector, research, policy and education working on the cross-section of IT and Agri from all over Europe. For each individual, professional and organisation committed to digitalising the agricultural sector, SmartAgriHubs has proven to be a community where we share our knowledge and experience to further progress together.
How to continue? With all the SAH partners, DIHs and Regional Clusters we are preparing a Memorandum of Understanding expressing our commitment to pursue the activities at a level that ensures the continuation and vitality of the movement initiated by the SAH project. The DIHs will continue to develop their services and promote and facilitate digitalisation in their local community. At the central level, the partners will continue ‘connecting the dots’ with relevant projects and link the SAH network with other networks, in particular with EDIHs working in AgriFood. The Innovation Portal remains available to provide up-to-date information on events, calls for proposals, more Competence Centers and new IEs. Last but not least, Regional Clusters will continue to connect the central coordination and information with the DIHs in the field.
As a follow-up to the great Lisbon experience, we already started programming the next event along the concept of the Synergy days. It will take place in the first week of October 2023 in Thessaloniki in sunny Greece. Save this date on your agenda and make sure you will be there!!

I am convinced we can demonstrate there and then that SAH is alive and ready to continue connecting the dots for years to come.

George Beers, SmartAgriHubs Project Coordinator.

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