The update for the SmartAgriHubs Library has gone live!

The SmartAgriHubs Innovation Portal gives access to many useful documents such as open calls, hackathons, templates and much more. To increase user-friendliness a new update has improved various things and made it even more simple to find and share relevant information from various projects.

The library now can be searched in several new ways. As can be seen in the photo, you can search by topics now, with one example being the IoF2020 legacy, which was concluded on the 3st of march 2021 and includes a lot of info from that project. Each of the documents or resources now has a card showing the most important information, such as a short description and post date, as well as allowing you to download or share the resources. The latter is especially interesting as the before you needed to have an account on the SAH portal to access the documents, but now this is not the case anymore so SAH info can be shared to all!

Additional new methods to search are keywords and tags. All documents now have a tag, such a hackathon, that makes finding the exact document you need easier. The aforementioned new topics distribution is also available in a drop down menu with the search bar. This allows you to find all documents related to that topic with one simple click.

Not just searching was made easier this update, but uploading as well.

Not just searching was made easier this update, but uploading as well. A small popup window shows you the few easy steps needed to upload and add your own files to the library. All it takes is 2 clicks, a title, description and some tags.

Talking about the improvements is one thing, however experiencing them yourself is much better. We encourage you to go and have a look at the improved library by login to our Innovation Portal!

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