Day 1: SmartAgriHubs

26 September 2022

The first day of the SmartAgriHubs Final Event is reserved for its members. The community will gather to discuss the challenges, achievements and legacy of this H2020 project.


8.00 to 9.00


9.00 to 10.00

Pavilion 5


In this plenary, we will be reviewing the milestones of the 4 years of the SmartAgriHubs project. We will discuss how the SmartAgriHubs community offered new solutions to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and support sustainable food systems and innovation.

"Digitalisation in agriculture – Relevance in and for agricultural policy" by Janusz Wojciechowski, EU Commissioner for Agriculture (virtual participation)

 "Digitalisation agrifood - perspective in the Portuguese context" by Luis Mira Da Silva Partner at CONSULAI

Chair & speaker "From Kilkenny to Lisbon - the journey of SmartAgriHubs" by George Beers, SmartAgriHubs Project Coordinator


10.00 to 10.30



SmartAgriHubs Cinema

Discover our Flagship Innovation Movies!

10.30 to 12.00

Pavilion 5

Regional Clusters panel 

This session will be dedicated to the 9 Regional Clusters of SmartAgriHubs. A representative from each Regional Cluster will be presenting the achievements and latest updates of their regions. 

Chair: Lorena van de Kolk, Work Package Communication & Digital Innovation Hubs ecosystem building 

Speaker: Pompeu Pais Dias, Regional Cluster Iberia

Speaker: Anne Cathrine Thorup, Regional Cluster Scandinavia 

Speaker: Anne-Claire Branellec, Regional Cluster France 

Speaker: Anneleen De Visscher, Regional Cluster North West Europe 

Speaker: Maira Dzelzkaleja - Burmistre, Regional Cluster North East Europe 

Speaker: Michael Gerasimos Koutsiaras, Regional Cluster South East Europe

Speaker: Martin Hirt, Regional Cluster Central Europe

Speaker: Rita Gentili, Regional Cluster Italy & Malta

Speaker: Hazel Peavoy, Regional Cluster UK & Ireland

12.00 to 13.30



SmartAgriHubs Cinema

Discover our Flagship Innovation Movies!


13.30 to 14.15

Pavilion 5

Digital Innovation Hubs & the digitalisation of European agriculture

How can Digital Innovation Hubs lead the transformation of the agricultural and agritech sectors? 

"Agricultural DIHs in the EDIH network" by Helena Rodrigues, Project Officer, DG CNET, European Commission

"Role of Social innovation, business models and DIHs to achieve Farm-to-fork ambitions" by Doris Marquardt, Programme Officer, DG AGRI, European Commission

14.15 to 15.15

Pavilion 5

Digital Innovation Hubs panel 

This session will present a selection of 4 active Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in an interactive format. Representatives from different regions of Europe will share their experience as a DIH and as members of the SmartAgriHubs community. 

Chair: Frank Berkers, SmartAgriHubs Work Package  DIH capacity Building and Monitoring

Digital Innovation Hubs

15.15 to 15.30



SmartAgriHubs Cinema

Discover our Flagship Innovation Movies!

17.30 to 18.15

Pavilion 5


In the closing session, we will discuss the sustainability of SmartAgriHubs.

"Sustainability plan for SmartAgriHubs" by Hennie van der Veen and Sjaak Wolfert

Chair: George Beers, SmartAgriHubs Project Coordinator

19.30 to 21.30

Lisbon Congress Center